We become what we consistently do. To become better, we must be focused, disciplined, and determined. Leadership is no different. To be a good leader, we must first start with becoming a better human being. Leadership has nothing to do with a title or position. Leadership is a way of life.

The purpose of this blog is to encourage and challenge people to assess their effectiveness as leaders and individuals and reflect on how they might become better. We must all take on a growth mindset to become better than the person we were yesterday. I hope you are challenged by what you read, and I invite you to share and leave comments. Be sure to subscribe to get the latest posts sent directly to your email.

Latest Posts:

Hard Things

Life is hard. It doesn’t matter how you look at it, life throws hard things our way without any consideration of how we feel about it. Life can be ruthless, unforgiving, and at times, stone cold. Sometimes this is due to our own choices, but there are times when life throws us curve balls that…

Meet Them Where They’re At

I came home from work the other day, walked in the front door, looked at my wife, and I knew there was something off. To give you a little background information, we have been having issues with our septic tank on our property. Things haven’t been going well, and we were told that there was…

The Dance

There is a dance that we all do in life. Some of us do it really well, others struggle to find the rhythm or the right steps in the dance. When we over complicate our life, the dance becomes muddled and unclear. When we simplify our life, our steps seem to flow with the rhythm…

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“Selfless acts sometimes require us to be uncomfortable.” – Kristopher Wallaert, EdD

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