We become what we consistently do. To become better, we must be focused, disciplined, and determined. Leadership is no different. To be a good leader, we must first start with becoming a better human being. Leadership has nothing to do with a title or position. Leadership is a way of life.

The purpose of this blog is to encourage and challenge people to assess their effectiveness as leaders and individuals and reflect on how they might become better. We must all take on a growth mindset to become better than the person we were yesterday. I hope you are challenged by what you read, and I invite you to share and leave comments. Be sure to subscribe to get the latest posts sent directly to your email.

Latest Posts:

Will Life Ever Get Better?

I was walking out of work the other day, and I was thinking about my thinking. I know, that sounds weird, but let me explain. The awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes is called metacognition. It’s more than just thinking about something, but rather understanding why we think the things we do. OurContinue reading “Will Life Ever Get Better?”

The Choice Is Ours

Habits create ruts. The ruts we make in our life can help us to succeed or struggle. It is our choice as to which ruts we live in.

The Power of Awareness

Book: How To Lead When You’re Not In ChargeAuthor: Clay Scroggins Quote: “Don’t underestimate the power of awareness; it’s the first aid for ignorance.” How aware are you of your interactions with those around you? Do you ever consider how your actions and words might be perceived by others? I would wager that the majority ofContinue reading “The Power of Awareness”

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“Selfless acts sometimes require us to be uncomfortable.” – Kristopher Wallaert, EdD

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