The following list of books have helped shape my view of leadership. These are books I would recommend to anybody; leader or not.

This book is what started it all for me. I truly appreciate what Admiral McRaven says about ownership, responsibility, and what success truly looks like.

If you haven’t read this book, I strongly encourage that you do. The story of Adam Brown is convicting, challenging, and eye opening. This book left me wanting to be a better man for my wife, my children, and for everyone I cross paths with. This is a must read!

Brad Lomenick does a great job explaining what leadership looks like from the inside out. He challenges leaders to stay humble, stay hungry, and never quit. This is one of my top favorite reads.

Jocko Willink and Leif Babin do a phenomenal job explaining the importance of taking ownership of our choices, actions, and leadership. A key element to successful leadership is discipline, and when we lack personal discipline and ownership, we will fail as leaders.

Clay Scroggins does a great job with focusing on the aspects of what leadership looks like when you are not in charge. “You don’t need to be in charge to take charge.”

Dan Crenshaw is one of my heroes. In his book, he does an amazing job expressing specific qualities that are needed in leadership and most importantly the need for perspective and the ability to “be still.”

Captain Abrashoff describes 10 leadership techniques that turned the worst ship in the Navy into best ship in the Navy. These 10 leadership techniques are: Lead by example; listen aggressively; communicate purpose and meaning; create a climate of trust; look for results, not salutes; take calculated risks; go beyond standard procedure; build up your people; generate unity; and improve your people’s quality of life.

Todd Whitaker does a wonderful job explaining what honest, effective leadership looks like. He explains the importance of service in leadership.

This is one of the best autobiographies I have read. Chris Kyle is a true American patriot, soldier, and hero. His heart and dedication for his country was unreal, and his leadership was well respected. He knew his job and performed it well.

Start With Why is a book I recommend to all leaders, potential leaders, and anyone wanting a clear direction and reason for their company, organization, and self. Simon does a really great job showing the importance of focusing on the WHY before the HOW and WHAT.

Angela Duckworth’s Grit is a great book that explains the importance of perseverance and how grit is a much needed characteristic for success.

In Leadership and Self-Deception, the authors express the importance of seeing people as people and leading by example; a quality near forgotten these days.

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