Perspective Is Everything

The other day I was sitting and thinking about everything I have been through and worked on up to where I am now. I hold every degree you can possibly have, except PhD, maybe someday, however I do hold an EdD. My goal was to be a leader, make positive changes, encourage those I lead, be the leader I always wanted, and so on. Now, after 8 long years of graduate school, a Masters in Education, an Education Specialist Degree in Administrative Leadership, and a Doctor of Education in Leadership in Administration and Teaching, here I sit, still teaching in the classroom. Many times I have had mental conversations with myself that ended with, “What was the point?”

Perspective is everything. What I thought I would be doing is being a leader in the world of education. I thought I would be helping others reach their full potential as leaders. I thought I would be encouraging people in their strengths, helping them find their purpose, and showing them that they have what it takes to be great leaders. I thought I would be writing books on leadership, attending leadership conferences, and someday be asked to speak at leadership conferences. I thought I would be helping people reach down within themselves, find courage, strength, and confidence to lead passionately, purposefully, and selflessly. 

All of that is what I thought I would be doing. You know what’s funny, I am doing that. I am a public speaker every school year. I get to encourage my students in their strengths, help them find their purpose, and show them that they have what it takes to be great leaders. I get to see my students overcome their weaknesses and struggles, rise above them all, and find confidence to be great in everything they pursue. I get to work with students who have no self-confidence, and watch them find the confidence to be great leaders. I get to help students see their potential and encourage them, walk with them, and see them succeed. I get to be the leader I always wanted to be. It has taken me awhile to see this and realize that perspective is everything.

Do I still have dreams of leading conferences, engage in speaking events, and someday see my name on the cover of a book? Absolutely. Will I get there? Well, I’m no quitter, and I never settle for okay, so yes, I will be there someday. However, I am very happy having the opportunity to lead amazing minds in my classroom every year. I am happy to invest into my colleagues, my administration, and other leaders in my district. I am happy to seek out leaders from around the world, pick their brains, learn from them, and better myself as a leader and individual. Perspective is everything!

So, when you get to the point that I was, wanting to ask yourself, “What’s the point?”, take a step back, look at where you are, what you want to be doing, and see how what you are doing might be exactly what you want to be doing, but it just looks a little different. Don’t give up on your dreams and ambitions. Don’t settle for okay. Don’t lose your passion. Just take a moment and reflect on where you are. And most of all, never forget, perspective is everything!

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