Hungry and Motivated

Book: H3 Leadership 
Author: Brad Lomenick
Quote: “Stay hungry and motivated, not arrogant and entitled.”

H3 Leadership by Brad Lomenick is in my top 5 reads. Just like Extreme Ownership, H3 Leadership is packed full of great ideas and thoughts that can relate to anyone no matter their title or position. I believe the quote stated above sums up how we should all look at life and the current position we find ourselves in.

“Stay hungry.” No, this doesn’t mean you need to starve yourself of sustenance. Hungry refers to the desire to push yourself to become better; to be more than what you currently are. Too often we start hungry and become complacent or apathetic, which lends to excuse making and lack of growth. It’s hard to always want to be improving, but it’s essential for our personal and professional growth. The only way we can stay hungry is through discipline. Discipline changes our attitude from, “I’m too tired to do that,” to, “Even though I’m really tired, I’m going to do it anyway.” Don’t allow apathy and excuses to keep you from staying hungry.

“Stay motivated.” Motivation is fickle. It is never guaranteed and can be lost for a long time. However, motivation can be found, but we need to be willing to look for it. The other day, I was listening to a short Jocko video. He was discussing a comment that someone tweeted to him. The comment said, “Jocko, can you yell at me to get me more motivated?” Jocko simply said, “No. Yelling is not a motivator. In Navy Seal training instructors yell at you to get you to quit, not to motivate you.” Motivation is about personal will and choice. Again, however, motivation is fickle and can be lost. This is why having discipline is crucial to personal and professional growth and success.

“Not arrogant.” Arrogant is defined as: “Having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities.” Arrogance is the poison that decays good character. When we think we are more important than what we really are, we tend to have an inflated sense of self that alienates everyone around us. We start to see others as less than what their worth and put more emphasis on OUR gain and OUR position. Instead of encouraging others and walking with others on their professional and personal journeys, we tend to look at ourselves and complain when others don’t give us the attention we think we deserve. We must defy the urge of being arrogant and strive for humility. Let us think more highly of others and less of ourselves.

“Not entitled.” This seems to be a pandemic in today’s society. There is this blatant lie sweeping our country that people are deserving of special treatment or should be given special privileges. No one is entitled to anything. We came into this world naked, and there is nothing that says we deserve anything. We are blessed with life. What we do with it is our choice. We don’t have a say in the cards we are dealt in the life we are given. We need to make the best opportunity with the cards we are dealt. Nobody owes us a thing, and neither of us deserves special treatment. It is our responsibility to take the life we have been given and make it the best life possible. Just remember, you are not entitled to anything. If you want it, get after it. 

The quote for this blog is a good reminder of how we should be living our lives: “Stay hungry and motivated, not arrogant and entitled.” Work hard, be disciplined, and respect everyone. 

As always, stay humble and serve well!

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