We Become What We…

Earl Nightingale once said, “We become what we think about.” I have long considered these words, and I have found truth in what he said. Thought has a lot of power over our actions. The more we find ourselves thinking negatively, our actions become negative, and vise versa, the more we think positively, the more positive our actions. 

Thought has a way of binding us, and keeping us from becoming more. Many people struggle with self esteem, some may struggle with self-image, and others might struggle with self-confidence all because of their thoughts. On the other hand, people have overcome some of the harshest circumstances and environments just because of their thinking. Ask any Navy Seal, and they will tell you that “Hell Week” can only be conquered through positive thinking, determination, and a proper mindset.  

Consider this, winners don’t think about losing. They think about winning. They are constantly replaying in their mind being the first to cross the finish line, being the team with the most points, being the person to lift the most weight. Their thought process creates a winning mindset. They become winners in their mind, which translates into reality. It doesn’t mean they always win, but it means they won’t quit until they do. Les Brown gave a speech about playing Connect Four with John Leslie , his nine year old son. Les stated that he had beat John Leslie10 straight games in a row. He looked at his son and said, “I’m tired. I’m going to bed.” John Leslie responded with, “No! It’s not over until I win.” After quite a few more games, John Wesley finally won. He then got up from the table and said, “I’m ready to go to sleep now.” You see, John Leslie had a winner’s mindset. Even though he lost multiple games, he wasn’t satisfied until he won.

What we choose to think about will determine the life we live. We can choose to be winners or whiners, encouragers or complainers, determined or entitled, strong or weak, the list could keep going. The point I am making is that who we want to be starts with what we think about. But thinking is only part of the solution. It isn’t until we act that thinking becomes more. John Leslie thought about being a winner. He wouldn’t stop until he won. But if he would have quit when his father said he was going to bed, he wouldn’t have become a winner. It isn’t until we purpose within ourselves that our thinking must be accompanied by action, that our thoughts are nothing more than thoughts. 

I believe Nightingale was right. We become what we think about, but we will never live as who we want to be, or who we were meant to be, until we act on the thoughts of becoming better. I don’t believe people wake up and want to be depressed, negative, passive people. I believe we all have a desire to be more than who we are. We want to be better than who we are. I don’t believe we lack the thought, I believe we lack the discipline to put the right thoughts into practice. 

If we have lived for so long with a negative outlook on life, or if we have struggled with anger, hate, and malice toward others, we must battle out of the depths of despair to become better. We must push ourselves into the realm of uncomfortable to change who we are. Life is a battle field. We must discipline ourselves to be who we want to be. There is no easy route. And if you are looking for one, you will be sorely disappointed. This is why our thoughts have so much power over who we become. Don’t think of winning, think of being a winner. You will lose many times before you win, but with a mindset of a winner, you will never quit until you win.    


  1. Your thoughts have power. Keep your thoughts in check. Discipline your mind to think of only who you want to be. Take every thought captive and push yourself to be better.
  2. It is only when we act on what we think, that we become more or less than we are. Negative thoughts produce negative action. Positive thoughts produce positive action. Discipline your mind and act wisely. Don’t just think of winning, focus on being a winner. 
  3. You will fail more times than you succeed. Don’t allow failure to change the way you think. Rather, rethink the purpose of failure and discipline yourself to use failure as a way to reach success.
  4. Don’t just think about doing something, put your thoughts into action. It is true, we become what we think about, and what we think about will determine what actions we take. Don’t allow yourself to give excuses for not being better. Otherwise, you become an excuse maker. 

We become what we think about, and our actions are a direct reflection of our thoughts. Choose wisely what thoughts you entertain. Become more than who you are. Take every thought captive and live a life you are proud to live.

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