Leading Through The “Cancel Culture”

It seems that every day I look on social media, turn on the news, or read the paper, something new seems to become a victim of the “Cancel Culture”. If it’s not race and equality, then its gender and moral aptitude. Our society is set on a crash course that will end badly if not addressed. Leading through these abhorrent times is not only tricky, but can make or break you as a leader. However, leadership must be steadfast on three things. It doesn’t matter how often the winds change, leadership should be firmly planted on integrity, morals, and ethics. 

In a world that no longer values integrity and doing what is right, it is vital for leadership to be the anchor that holds true. Integrity is a quality that will establish a never ending legacy. There is a simple phrase that follows integrity: “Do what is right, no matter the cost.” I want to add a new phrase that speaks specifically to the “cancel culture” of our society. “Do what is right, not what is popular.” In a society that finds offense to everything, lacks self-confidence and self-control, and would rather ignore and expel truth rather than face it and grow, leadership must be firmly planted in integrity and do what is right. 

Don’t be afraid to swim against the current, especially if the current is leading to certain death. Don’t be afraid to stand for what is right. It won’t be easy, and there will be times that you feel alone, but this I promise you, you are NEVER alone. It can be lonely doing the right thing, but the benefits outweigh the cost. There is always the fear of “What if..”, but we should never fear doing what is right; especially as leaders. Stand strong and stand firm. Integrity is ten times more important and more valuable than potential profit or personal gain. Never sacrifice your integrity for the will of the masses. As leaders, we will all be judged one day. Ask yourself, what do you want the verdict of your judgment to be. For me, it is to have done the right thing, no matter the cost. 

Morals and ethics have all but disappeared in mainstream media, the news, business, politics, and most importantly, our culture. Everything has become acceptable, which has led to a chaotic, unruly, and an undisciplined society. Without morals and ethics, we have nothing to stand on. Morals are the inner convictions of what is right. If you turn on the news or flip through social media, I guarantee that you will see little to no morals, and many times, the lack of morals is celebrated. 

In leadership, morals should be what determine our choices and actions. Do we seek personal gain through the sacrifice of others, or do we celebrate those around us without any concern for our own promotion. Do we see those we lead as minions that do our bidding as we sit behind a desk barking orders, or do we see them as teammates who we work alongside and encourage and build up? We must always be careful in what we say and what we do. We must constantly be thinking and doing what is morally correct. Actions are louder than words. Who we choose to be and what we choose to do says a lot about our moral compass.

In a society that has lost sight of all forms of morality and ethics, leadership must be the pillar that never abandons their morals and ethics. Leadership must stand firm in integrity and do what is right; no matter the cost. Leaders, use common sense and don’t get caught up in the culture war that is slowly decaying our society. Lead with passion, fervor, integrity and humility. Be the pillar of strength in the weakened and spoiled society. Stand for morals and ethics. Don’t allow the bullies or this society keep you from living a life of principle. Don’t bend to the masses, but rather stand for truth, honor, and morals. 


  1. We will be held accountable for all the choices we make. Be sure to make choices that you will be proud to stand by. 
  2. Leadership needs to be the pillar of morals and ethics now more than ever. Don’t fall prey to the morally declining society that runs rampant and unchecked.
  3. Doing what is right is more important than doing what is popular. Be the example, but know you may need to stand alone.
  4. The morally corrupt will ostracize those who oppose them. Just be prepared.
  5. Don’t sell out your integrity for popularity, likes, or dollar signs. 

As always, stay humble and serve well.

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