Stop Validating Every “Feeling”

We live in a culture where whatever we feel must be right. We are told to validate others feelings and accept people for who they are. We are called haters, phobics, and many other lovely names when we choose to stand for truth rather than fiction. Society demonizes anyone who speaks truth these days, which in turn has allowed for a culture and society that follows lies and false rhetoric. Just because someone feels a certain way about something doesn’t mean they are right. Instead of validating wrong ideology and fearing being ostracized from culture and society, we must boldly, yet humbly, speak truth into the lives of the people around us. Otherwise, we will passively lead our culture and society to destruction. 

We all have an innate ability to distinguish between right and wrong. What determines what we choose is the voice we choose to listen to. We either choose to listen to the voice of fear and allow for what we innately know is wrong, or we will listen to the voice of truth and risk being treated poorly for standing for what is right. There are no other choices in life. We either choose between what is right or what is wrong. 

In my last post, I discussed that ignorance is your downfall. Allowing for wrong to occur, when we know what is right, creates a society and culture of ignorance resulting in its downfall. When we validate what is wrong, we destroy morality and ethical sensibility. We can choose to ignore the right thing for the “good” of others, but in reality, ignoring what is right is NEVER “good” for anyone. It is our responsibility to stand up and speak what is true. It doesn’t matter what people may say or what people may do, we must continue to stand for the right thing no matter the cost. 

I started this post stating that society tells us to validate people’s feelings. I agree, to a point. When those feelings turn into immoral and unethical choices, then those feelings should NEVER be validated. For example, if someone is hurting due to being in a broken relationship, losing someone special, or going through a difficult event in their life, then validation is absolutely necessary. However, if someone states that they feel sexually drawn to children, then rebuke is in order. Wrong is wrong. The problem in our society is that it allows for feelings to determine what is true and right and turns a blind eye all in the name of validation. 

There is a dangerous rhetoric being spread among our culture, especially our youth, that how you feel is who you are. This ideology is not only false on all accounts, it is dangerous and destructive to the mental and emotional health of individuals. Now, I might lose readers because of this, and to that I say, your feelings about what I say does not make what I say less true. Validating someone’s false narrative is not only choosing to lie to that individual, but shows a lack of moral and ethical reasoning on the part of the validator. 

Feelings do not determine our identity, our worth, our importance, our value, or anything else. When we falsely validate someone’s feelings, we allow for the continuance of fear and lies to rule a person’s life. As Clay Scoggins wrote, “Fear will dominate your identity until you begin to stand under the unending, never-failing, ever gracious waterfall of love that your Creator has for you.” When we rely on our feelings to determine our identity, worth, and value, we mistake lies for truth. Our identity comes from knowing, understanding, and submitting to the Way, the Truth, and the Life. 

“But if God is the loving God that he says he is, then he will accept me for whoever I say I am.” Yes and no. God is a loving God, and he will accept you as you are, but He will not accept the sin you choose to live under. That’s the pill that’s hard to swallow. God will always accept people for who they are, but He will never accept the sin that people choose to live under. When we deny the truths of God and choose to live selfishly under the false pretense of sin, we choose to deny truth and follow after lies. Just because we feel a certain way about something doesn’t make that something right.

We must always challenge our feelings to ensure that what we feel is true. To do this, we must understand what is true. Scripture is clear about what is true and what isn’t. “But I don’t believe in the Bible or God.” Then you have already chosen to accept the lie that what you feel is right. God is God whether you feel he is or not. God is True whether you feel He is or not. God is Right whether you feel He is or not. God is Real whether you feel He is so not. Feelings do not determine truth. The sun is hot even when we don’t feel it. The wind is always blowing just because we don’t feel it. The Earth is always spinning even though we don’t feel it. Ice is cold even when we don’t feel it. Truth is not based on feelings.

This post started as a rebuke for falsely validating what is not true. Until we stand for truth, do what is right, and live with a moral and ethical conscience, we will continue down the road of destruction. Nothing good will come from the validation of lies and false rhetoric. Feelings do NOT determine what is true. We need to stop validating every “feeling” people claim to be as truth and start standing for what IS true. We must be leaders who love unconditionally but live righteously. We need to be leaders that stand for truth and rebuke false rhetoric. We must lead humbly and righteously. We need to be men and women of integrity and not sacrifice our character at the expense of “likes” and popularity. We need to start validating truth!

As always, stay humble and serve well!

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